Installing Vivado on Ubuntu VirtualBox

Recently I wanted to do some development on the Xilinx Zynq platform from scratch. Since I am working on a Mac and the necessary software is only available for Windows/Linux I set up an Ubuntu virtual machine and tried to get the toolchain up and running. There were some obstacles on the way that I want to show you to save yourself some time and effort. So fire up that virtual machine and get ready for some big downloads!

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Rent your Synology drive using Storjshare with Docker

Time ago, I installed the drive share tool from the blockchain based storj cloud service on my Synology NAS. Therefore I used the community package “debian chroot” to install the storj share (beta) software. Since this, the Storjshare-CLI went through many releases. With debian chroot, the installation was annoying. That was why I decided to use a Docker container to install the recent CLI.

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Shell variables in C

I am currently working on a motor control project (post about it coming soon ;)) which requires a lot of parameter tuning of controllers and filters. One way would be to recompile and flash the microcontroller for each new parameter, which takes time and is quite a pain. Hence I’m working with ChibiOS¬†which has a built in shell through serial port or USB CDC I decided to write a simple code that would enable me to change variables during runtime. In the end it was not a lot of work and I am using it, not just for parameters but also for debugging.

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