Zynq with RedPitaya from scratch: Hello PS World

In a previous post we installed the necessary tools to develop applications for the Xilinx Zynq SoC family. In this post we are going to say Hello from the processing system (PS) in the Zynq SoC. As a platform I am using the RedPitaya board. With only 199$ it is the cheapest Xilinx Zynq board on the market. Unfortunately the hardware is not open source, but with the open source software, I could figure out the necessary settings to get this board running.

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ownCloud Backup Script


I am running ownCloud on my Synology NAS for some months now and I am pretty happy how reliable it works. But if in some case my RAID would fail I’d loose all my private data. A periodic backup needed to be set up that backs up all my data in addition to the ownCloud configuration and database.


A bash script! What else? It somehow built up from a simple copy to a full fledged backup-split-dump-log bash script that I’d like to share with you. The full script is at the bottom of this page. I’d now like to talk about the parameters you should now to use this script on your installation.

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