Zynq with RedPitaya from scratch: Hello PS World

In a previous post we installed the necessary tools to develop applications for the Xilinx Zynq SoC family. In this post we are going to say Hello from the processing system (PS) in the Zynq SoC. As a platform I am using the RedPitaya board. With only 199$ it is the cheapest Xilinx Zynq board on the market. Unfortunately the hardware is not open source, but with the open source software, I could figure out the necessary settings to get this board running.

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Installing Vivado on Ubuntu VirtualBox

Recently I wanted to do some development on the Xilinx Zynq platform from scratch. Since I am working on a Mac and the necessary software is only available for Windows/Linux I set up an Ubuntu virtual machine and tried to get the toolchain up and running. There were some obstacles on the way that I want to show you to save yourself some time and effort. So fire up that virtual machine and get ready for some big downloads!

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Shell variables in C

I am currently working on a motor control project (post about it coming soon ;)) which requires a lot of parameter tuning of controllers and filters. One way would be to recompile and flash the microcontroller for each new parameter, which takes time and is quite a pain. Hence I’m working with ChibiOS which has a built in shell through serial port or USB CDC I decided to write a simple code that would enable me to change variables during runtime. In the end it was not a lot of work and I am using it, not just for parameters but also for debugging.

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